The NIBC advises Dutch and Iranian businesses in their development of economic activities in both countries. NIBC can assist in determining how to enter the foreign market, help to find suitable business partners and resolve issues confronted with unexpectedly while conducting business in the foreign market. We are able to assist you on a strategical, tactical and operational level. Our services include:

-Market Assessment Studies

Do you aspire to find out whether your product or service is in demand in the Netherlands or Iran or do you want to know what risks may be involved? We can support you by conducting an analysis of the opportunities for your product or service.

-Business Strategy Assessment

The way in which you define your business strategy influences the direction of your company and contributes in achieving your business objectives. Our knowledge of and experience with Dutch and Iranian businesses and markets can aid in the development of your business, its plan for growth and will help to determine where to set your priorities and what to focus on.


-Locational Research and Screening

NIBC’s thorough research and screening processes help to identifies and selects the most suitable location for your business, taking into account local and governmental subsidies, trade regulations and local government regulations.

-Finding suitable trading partners and site visits

Do you want relevant information about a location, region or regarding certain products and services? With the help of our extensive business network NIBC offers customized and tailor made visits to the key players in your industry. Our match-making programme will be developed around your companies’ specific needs and objectives. NIBC is able to organise site visits, during which you will get specific and local insights that will help to make the right decisions.


-Provide insight into import and export regulations and customs

NIBC gives information and advises companies on the specific import and export regulations that need to be taken into account when conducting business with the Netherlands or Iran.