On 23 and 24 October 2017, a special delegation from Agricultural Jahad of Hormozgan in South Iran led by Head of Department Mr. Heydari Poori, had a 2-day horticulture trade mission in the Westland and Noord Holland, The Netherlands.

During these 2 days, the Netherlands Iran Business Council (NIBC) organized a tailor made programme focused on the famous world of Dutch horticulture. The main goal of this programme was to meet with different Dutch companies that are active in horticulture, supplier companies for horticulture and seed development & production. The Iranian expert team had to assess the possibilities for sustainable long-term business co-operation and doing business together in the field of horticulture.

It was the second time, this delegation visited the Netherlands and met with the NIBC. Last April, the NIBC signed an Agreement with Agricultural Jahad of Hormozgan at the HALAL EXPO EUROPE 2017 in Eindhoven, where the NIBC was responsible for the organization of the Iranian pavilion. The goal of this Agreement is to generate business and encourage investments in horticulture in Hormozgan.

On the first day the delegation members and NIBC were welcomed at the Iranian Embassy in The Hague where a meeting with the Iranian Ambassador Mr. Prof. Dr. Jahangiri and Counsellor Mr. Kerdabadi was organized. Here the NIBC’s road map for business development and the co-operation between the Iranian Embassy, Agricultural Jahad of Hormozgan and the NIBC were discussed.

The rest of the day and the second day were spent on a special tour around the Westland and Noord Holland, specifically the part in which the center of seed development & production is located. The delegation spoke and had meetings with various CEO’s and staff of some of the most renowned companies in the field of Dutch horticulture and seed development & production.

During these special company visits, the possibilities for creating business and assessing the specific needs for Hormozgan were discussed, which was followed by a tour in and around the companies’ facilities.


The next months will be used to further evaluate and assess the specific needs for the type of horticulture projects and greenhouse development Hormozgan Province is going to focus on, also taking into consideration the natural environment and hot climate in this part of Iran.

The NIBC looks back at a successful and fruitful trade mission and has already started working on the follow-up actions that came as a result of this event.