The Netherlands Iran Business Council (NIBC) is a Dutch organisation aiming to improve trade relations between the Netherlands and Iran. With many years of experience and excellent, up-to-date, local insights, we can assist your company in the search for market opportunities in both the Netherlands and Iran. Our business network as well as our knowledge and experience helps companies understand their business opportunities and to find suitable trading partners.

The NIBC’s business network in both countries helps to find suitable trading partners. Our specific up-to-date and local knowledge and experience in both countries allows us to provide specific information on markets and investment opportunities. In this way we meet your needs in your search on how to start or expand your business in Iran or the Netherlands.


Economic and political relations between the Netherlands and Iran have existed since the 17th century and are still vibrant and ongoing today. The Netherlands and Iran do not only have common interests, both countries also share the drive to increase and expand their economic relations. The NIBC’s mission is to promote bilateral economic development and trade relations and to promote business exchanges between the two countries. 

The NIBC provides in-depth insight to Dutch and Iranian companies that are interested in doing business in Iran and the Netherlands. With many years of experience working in these countries the NIBC gives our members and clients advice and tools to identify business opportunities and how to enter new markets.


Our key objective is to realize actual business deals. We offer a complete package, from the first acquaintance between two countries and their trade possibilities, to the arrangement of customized and tailor made visits to the key players in your industry. And it does not end there. We can accompany you afterward to make sure the relationship between you and your counterparts remains fluent. 

The NIBC acts as your business partner and helps companies enter the Iranian and Dutch market. We are able to promote your trade by offering unique services and support you in several ways, such as:

Acting as a think tank for companies and organisations in the Netherlands and Iran.

Providing information on market and trade opportunities in the Netherlands and Iran.

Finding business partners and establishing relations with trade organisations and governments.

Organizing national and international events such as networking events, trade missions, conferences and seminars.

Promoting and advocating activities to improve trade conditions in order to successfully conduct business, making investments and establishing other economic relations.