Dr. Jan Siemons, Chairman

For over 25 years, Jan Siemons has had a broad international experience in managing cross-border projects for a wide range of companies and government agencies. Amongst others, as a partner with Ernst & Young. Jan lived and worked in Japan for five years, and has also worked in the US, Germany, Eastern Europe, China and the Middle East.

Mr Arie Kraaijeveld, Avisory Board

Mr Arie Kraaijeveld has more than 25 years’ experience with national and international organisations. For example, from 1998 to 2005 he was chairman of FME-CWM, the employers’ organisation for technological industries, and he fulfils numerous board functions with various companies and organisations.

Mr Hans Kamps, Avisory Board

Mr Hans Kamps is a renowned consultant with a broad and extensive experience in both the public and private sector in the Netherlands. Besides these longstanding experiences he was, among numerous other board member positions, a crown member of The Social and Economical Council of the Netherlands (SER) from 2005 – 2014 and Chairman of the Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies (ABU) from 1999 – 2014. Currently he is a member of the national council for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK).

Kaveh Mohammad Pour, Managing Director

Kaveh Mohammad Pour was born in Iran and moved to the Netherlands in the early 1990s for his studies and work. Since then he held several managerial positions and is founder and owner of SIL Trading Consulting. Over the years he has built an extensive network within the business world in the Netherlands and Iran. His passion for international trade as well as his experience and knowledge of the Netherlands and Iran, make him the perfect person to act as a liaise person.

Sanne van der Vlies, Secretary

Sanne van der Vlies has worked as an event manager for business networking communities before she started her studies in the Dutch city of Leiden. She has a vast experience in secretarial tasks, such as taking meeting minutes as well as developing customer relations. Her passion for writing has helped to create both interesting and informative content for websites as well as for newsletters.

Kayleigh-Jane Bergman, Secretary

Kayleigh-Jane Bergman holds a University degree in International Business and Management, which she obtained in Amsterdam. She spent half a year abroad in Montreal, Canada studying at McGill University, where she attended a Cross Cultural Management, Leadership and Consumer Behaviour course. Communication between cultures has always been one of her main interests. She has co-written the book World Wide Workforce and has been working within international companies for several years.