Why Iran?

For companies that want to invest and do business with Iran there are numerous reasons to do so!

population growth

geographical location

Below you can read about the main economic sectors in Iran and other relevant information.


Other Industries

Pharmaceuticals Industry


Agriculture and Agri-Food


Renewable Energy


Oil & Gas

Other relevant information:

Free Trade, Industrial and Economic Zones
Iran has several Free Trade, Industrial and Economic Zones. These are special designated areas throughout Iran with favourable economic conditions in order to stimulate and expand economic activity in various economic sectors. Examples of incentives and advantages are: tax exemption or reduction, freedom of entry and exit of capital and profits, protections of foreign investments, availability of trained and skilled employees, easily issue of entry visas etc.
Some examples of Industrial Free zones are: Qeshm Trade-Industrial Free Zone, Chabahar Trade-Industrial Free Zone, Aras Trade-Industrial Free Zone, Kish Trade-Industrial Free Zone

To find out more about investment opportunities please refer to: www.freezones.ir